Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sales, Crossroads, and Baseball

Last weekend was such a fun weekend. I got to go out on Saturday with my boss and another coworker to make homeowner sales calls and it was so much fun. These sales are all about connecting with people on a personal level and trying to educate them on our product. Our new business hasn't gotten to the point where we're going door-to-door like used vaccuum cleaner salesmen - we just go to people's houses who have contacted us about our product. The fun part for me, since I don't have much technical knowledge was just learning about the actual product that we are selling and realizing that we have the potential to kill the market with our product. I also loved going to people's houses and seeing how different each homeowner's sense of style was - and how their homes reflected their personality.

Sunday though - Sunday was a breath of fresh air. I got to go to my church in Charlottesville that I went to when I lived there and it was like going home. I belonged there and I love the pastor and his message and how the Holy Spirit's presence is just so evident! There is not a church that I have been in that I have truly felt God's presence other than this church. It is almost physically painful thinking about going to St. John's where everything feels so dead. Father Gregory has truly created a beautiful community who's focus is both on Christ, each other, and the larger Charlottesville community. God just has a beautiful way of speaking through Fr. Gregory and straight to my heart. This week he talked about being at a crossroads - that Easter and the Resurrection has provided us all with a new choice - we can walk with life, seeking to live in Christ's way, to believe in Christ and who He said He was, and to serve and love each other. Or we can ignore what we have heard and continue to live life our own way.

I really identified with this message, mainly because of the use of the analogy of the crossroads, because I feel as if I am in a crossroads sort of place myself. The path I have been walking along recently has split itself into several different other paths and I have to decide which one I'm going to walk along. It is a very tough decision, but I think I have picked one and have dedicated myself to pursuing it, which is both exciting and scary. I am housesitting this weekend and so hope to examine my decision some more and figure out the best way to pursue it.

I am also currently reading a John Ortberg called "The Life You've Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People" and I really, really like it. It has sparked a lot of thoughts and ideas of things that I want to pursue in order to experience my relationship with Christ on another level. For so long I feel like I have just been pulling at straws and not pursuing a relationship with my Creator. But, like the crossroads that I am at, I feel like this is another part of the path that I have chosen - a desire to deepen my relationship with Christ.

Lastly, I am so ready for summer baseball to start. For the first time in a long time, I'm not really dreading this season - I'm excited for it. Maybe I'm just crazy and am turning into a workaholic, but there is this part of me that just wants to be outside, watching a good baseball game. I also have realized that I am a baseball snob, because when I actually got to go to a college baseball game this past Tuesday, I wished that I was hearing the crack of a wood bat instead of the ping of the metal bats that they use in college. I guess I'll have to make my way over to the new Nats stadium till June 1st rolls around...

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