Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Terrorism in Crude Form

I bet that title will get me a few screens and background checks from the FBI/CIA/other clandenstine government organizations.

But honestly, I got to thinking the other day, how is the current price spikes in gasoline at the pump any different than terrorism committed by fundamentalist militants? While one keeps you at home out of fear, the other keeps you in your house because you don't have the money to pay for the gas that allows you to travel. The symbol of the modern United States of America isn't the flag - we're too much of a self-centered individualistic society to care for the nationalist ideals that the flag symbolizes. No, the real symbol of freedom is the personal vehicle - the car. Our cars allow us to go anywhere we want, pursue anything that we want to do, participate in activities with our friends because we don't all live in the same neighborhood, enjoy the goods and products from around the country that we wouldn't have without it.

What is more threatening to the American public? A single act of terrorism or an empty wallet?

Now, let me just clarify and state that I am a firm believer in capitalism and democratic republicanism (not talking about either political party) and that these two forms of economic and political theories do in fact create states in which peace reigns (called the democractic peace theory). So I understand the principle of big companies and can appreciate their history and leadership and a lot of things that they have done for society in general. So I'm not saying here that I'm against big corporations (though I don't think I would ever work for one...).

What I AM saying is that I detest oil companies and the stranglehold that this resource and the companies that harvest it have had not only on our wallets but also on our politics (read The Prize by Daniel Yergin - best book to read on understanding how the economics of oil are so intimately intertwined with the politics). It makes me so ANGRY that I am paying $3.20+ for a gallon of gasoline.

Can the government solve the problem? Maybe, but I'm not a believer in government involvement in every single aspect of people's lives because I don't trust government or governmental agencies. I think what will really drive the change is a person bold enough to start an energy company (perhaps nuclear) or develop some other form of energy that will rival and surpass oil's supremacy, because frankly, it is long overdue!

Anyway, just some crazy thoughts from a crazy girl. I refuse to let these stupid oil companies keep me in my house, just as I refused to let the other terrorists keep me in my house, but it galls me to no end to think that flippin' Exxon Mobil that made a $6billion 4th Qtr PROFIT two years ago is probably going to make something like $25 billion 1st Qtr Profit off of me filling my tank at the gas station. Argh!!

And what will make me even angrier is when the prices go down to $2.40-$2.50 right around October when it is close to the election...

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Josh said...


i love these subversive posts. they provide some healthy critique and it is fun to see this side of your perspective!

perhaps this is the (ana)baptist coming out in me, but i wonder if neither big companies or gov't are capable of providing the peace, prosperity, or hope that they attempt to inspire in us? i wonder if under the guise of religious language, they seek to provide a way of being and imagination that they ultimately will be unable to provide in contrast with the "kingdom of God" as described and lived out by Jesus and the church? i'm no anarchist or anything like that, but i think that both big companies and gov't have co-opted religious language and ideals as though they were capable of providing the radical hope, unity, and peace that i think they are ultimately unable to provide considering that for most of them their true goals (not necessarily wrongly) is self-preservation and prosperity.

i'm with you about this terrorism piece, and while i'm probably a little more against big companies, i still worry about how both companies and gov't use religious language to manipulate me and capture my imagination in regards to their abilities to fulfill my life in ways that i think only God can.

maybe i'm just overly critical? anyway, i hope you are doing well friend!