Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mall Musings

So last night I went out shopping at good ole' Fair Oaks Mall with one of my friends and came away with some observations (and not much damage to my bank account, which is always a good thing).

1. Apparently, all women clothing stores feel that in order to enhance your shopping mood, you need to feel empowered by either Natasha Beningfield or Amy Winehouse tunes, because (I kid you not), almost every single store that we went into, played songs by one of these artists. I don't quite get what makes Amy Winehouse, a drugged and buzzed, anexoric-looking mess a force of womanly empowerment, but ok. And I guess Natasha's success at having the theme song of that paramount-MTV hit, The Hills, qualifies her songs to be broadcast all over the world (or stores) of fashion.

2. When did the 80s become fashionable again? I feel like all the trends of that time that we all groan about now, have all of the sudden reappeared everywhere. I know fashion goes in cycles, but it didn't hit me that we have gone full force into this cycle until last night. I don't even think the stuff out there is that "fashion forward". The designers from PR need to get out there and start changing these looks that are being sold across America (I guess the good news is that TLC's What Not To Wear will definitely be around for a while!)

3. The store Forever 21 is just a renaming of that beloved trashy store that I worked at, Wet Seal. From the clothes that they had on the racks, to the materials that the clothing was made out of, to the layout of the store, it brought back so many awesome memories from my time as a sales associate at the paragon of trashy tween clothing. I also was deathly afraid that I was going to run into high school girls that I know from YL - not because I was scared of seeing them, but more because I didn't want to be seen in that store by them.

4. Lastly, always, always, always keep a spare pair of flats in the car for intense shopping trips. I foolishly wore heels and promptly had to buy some sandals at the Gap because if I hadn't, I would currently be footless from having to cut off my feet to stop the pain.


Rebekah O'Dell Photography said...

You are crazy, but I am relieved to hear you didn't buy any day-glo yellow pumps ;)

Lauren said...

Well, that is only because I already own a peep-toe pair at Marshalls - not even joking :) :)