Monday, February 6, 2012

From Zero to Sixty

My top ten moments from tonight's episode:

  1. Rachel being all upset with Blakely's "sexual dancing". Doesn't she know that VIP cocktail waitresses just know those type of things? It's why they wear silk shirts that just barely cover their lady parts. But then belt the shirts. Because that makes it so much better. (For the record - a belt does not make barely-covering silk shirts appropriate or acceptable attire.) (BTW, how many times did we have to watch Blakely "dance" the same exact thing? It felt like fifty million).
  2. A scrapbook!! I've been waiting all season for one. Thank you Blakely for giving me my quintessential scrapbook moment. (Sorry that you were then promptly shown the door).
  3. Little boys in loin cloths playing soccer and jumping in rivers. And then a random Panamanian rain forest tribe being coerced into an group date in which they have to dress up annoying American women (and one who feels that she needs to go topless - and bottomless. Lord help us.) I hope that this was one of those tribes that have no contact with civilization and this was their first interaction with annoying Americans and they graciously dressed them up in the few pieces of clothing they own that they have painstakingly made by hand.
  4. Did you know - Panama City is actually kind of metropolitan, according to our bachelor. Gee who would have thought the world's biggest canal and seaport would be kind of metropolitan? 
  5. Chris Harrison grilling Casey S. about whether or not she is still in love with her ex-boyfriend was awesome. And her denying it, but then admitting it, through her long-winded verbal diatribe was priceless. And admitting that she needs to be in therapy. And I would have to agree with her assessment after seeing her in that awful denim romper. 
  6. Nothing says hot like using a machete on a coconut. At least according to Kacie B. I'll have to take her word for it.
  7. I also like that on a "secluded" desert island, the champagne is still free flowing. Good thing Kacie B. packed a corkscrew as one of her three things to take to a deserted island.
  8. I want Chris Harrison to give me a hug and dating advice. What I wouldn't give to have Harrison be my guide on a "journey" of love.
  9. Jaime's kissing lessons and step-by-step guide to seducing a man takes the cake (but not the rose!). No words. 
  10. Emily's got some rhyme skills. Not bad for a white girl. Especially when she disses the bachelor for his frizzy hair, but makes it cute by dissing her own hair as well. 
Just some of the gems from tonight. What about you? What was your favorite moment? How long did you cringe/laugh/keep a pillow over your head and eyes during the whole Ben/Jaime interaction?

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