Monday, January 24, 2011

Hitting Like a Ton of Bricks...

Emotional ones that is.  Yes, this week was all about the emotional walls we keep with each other.  I confess, I have lots of emotional walls.  Watching Loveline with Dr. Drew made me realize this.  And I don't believe that my walls have come down yet, but I can guarantee you all that I am here for the right reasons - to bask in the awesomeness of the Bachelor and people making fools of themselves on national TV!!  And if you're not here for the right reasons, well, I suggest that you just not accept the rose offered at the post tonight.  Without further ado, let's "dive" into ten thoughts.

1 - Chantal really made an impression on Brad last week because lookey here, she gets the first one-on-one date of the night.  And, what is that?  Dost my eyes deceive me?? Why No, it is the first appearance of the ABC helicopter arriving to whisk our Bachelor and his erstwhile date away to some random California seaside town (Catalina I think they said? Looked pretty whatever seaside California town it was).  And for their date, what do they get to do? Walk some murky underwater "wonderland"? It really didn't look like Ariel's cove to me - no Sebastian singing "Under the Sea".  In fact, I think all it did was show the polluted water, which is really attractive to look at on national TV.

2 - Aww, I like Chantal with Brad.  I have a feeling that their connection could go far.  She keeps him on his toes.  But wait, what's that? She was with her high school sweetheart for 6 years and then married to him for 4 years?  That's kind of a long time.  OH well - keep keeping our Bachelor on his toes Chantal.

3 - Group Date Time!  And we are whisked off in the limo with mimosas!! Sign me up!  I really like how the producers have gotten these things down to a science - liquor these girls up and watch the crazy come out.  Sounds like a winning formula to me!

4 - Wait, is that Dr. Drew?!  Loveline?!  Ummm, can we say AWESOME?  Oh, and what is that in the girls' hands?  Could that be some more alcohol?  Right before going on a pyschotherapy radio talk show?  Ummm, AWESOME.

5 - Oh wait a second.  How did I get all the way to #5 without mentioning Michelle's fake black eye?  And was it just me, or did her "black eye" change sides?  Probably not, but I swear I thought it was on the other side.  I swear to you guys, this girl is not here for the "right reasons".  All of her interviews this week just seemed too scripted - she had me fooled for the past three weeks with the craziness, but this week it just seemed to cross the line of fake-ness.  Probably because via my new fav Bachelor blog, The Possessionista I learned that this "hair stylist" is going to be in a movie that comes out this April.

6 - YES!!! THANK You Chantal for totally calling out Michelle on her hypocrisy.  That was a brilliant reality TV moment.  And ohmygosh Ashley H., get a grip!  Or go find Frank in Chicago where you can both bemoan the hardness of being the first date on the Bachelor/ette and all the emotional roller coasters that you ride as a result.

7 - Forget the repelling down a building in LA...what about the fake conversation that Michelle had about "her daughter" Brielle?  When you compare her reaction to Brad's question to Emily's reaction last week, I think we get a clear picture of this "woman's" connection to her daughter.  Yet it is so typical that Brad is into her.  It is a rule of all Bachelor/ette seasons that the completely crazy person somehow convinces the Bachelor/ette that they are completely into them.

8 - Poor Meghan and her walls.  Smart girl for having them.  Not smart girl for admitting it to the Bachelor - especially when she didn't have any real chemistry with him in the first place.  Sorry girlie - time to take the hideous hot pink wedges and go home.

9 - That was really sweet how Brad pulled Scarlett/Melanie/Emily aside and "recreated" their winery date outside in the front of the mansion.  What is not sweet is the promos for next week in which they show Emily on the group date on a NASCAR RACE TRACK!!! Seriously, Producers, have you no heart or compassion for a poor woman's grief???

10 - I LOVED how Brad waited until the last rose to give a rose to Ashley H.  That was priceless.

Oh this show.  How I love thee.  I'm putting bets on Lisa, Marissa, and smiley Alli are the next goners.  How about you?  Who's next to go?  Who do you think will make it to the final two?  And most importantly, when will Chris Harrison resume his role as the Bachelor therapist??  Plleeeasseee more screen time for OHCH!!

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