Tuesday, September 15, 2009


There are a lot of things that are going through my head these days, but am having a hard time sifting through the ideas and thoughts and figuring out what to say in this little corner of my world. So until I can sift through all of them, just a few thoughts and one video...

1 - Though I felt a little bad for Taylor Swift's "moment" being interrupted, I thought Kayne interrupting her was kind of funny because of how unexpected it was (and how typical of the VMAs...I mean seriously people, it's the V-M-A'S!! Not the Grammys!)

2 - Though I couldn't be there live at Jay-Z's Madison Square Garden 9-11 concert, thank you Fuse for televising it so that I could revel in the mastery of Jay-Z's flow and rhyme!

3 - And speaking of Jay-Z, his and Alicia Keys' performance at the VMAs was A-Ma-Zing. I wish I was as cool as Alicia Keys...(check out the video for the performance if you didn't see it...)

And then after you watch that awesome performance, this video from Jake and Amir cracks me up every time.

So, with my apologies that is all I have for now...stay tuned and I promise that I will have some new thoughts soon!

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