Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Russia, the Mideast, and a Hijacked Ship

Was Russia's 'Hijacked' Ship Carrying Missiles to the Mideast?

The article above from Time Magazine is kind of unbelievable. This is international politics and wars between intelligence agencies to the extreme. Do the Russians really believe that the world is going to accept their "official" version of events? There are too many questions that don't make sense in order to accept that and the only explanations that make any kind of sense of the series of events that surround the hijacking of the Arctic Sea are the stuff that James Bond movies are made out of.

But this is real life. Real terrorists. Real states. Real lies. Real lives.

And the sad part are the poor sailors and hijackers who are caught in the middle of this. The worst thing in the world to me would be to be in a Russian prison. Forget any kind of semblance of human rights!

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