Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thoughts for a Wednesday

It is still technically Wednesday, so of course I have some thoughts to share :) And I begin with...

1 - LOST!! (Bet you couldn't guess)  I really don't have much to say other than I have no clue how this show is going to end, and there are only like 4 episodes left.  You would think that we would be getting to the so-called "climax" point, but I have yet to figure anything out.  Of course last week's amazing episode with my future husband at its center was a game-changer and it sort of continued on through this week's episode.  Basically though any episode that contains Des is good in my eyes.

2 - Deadliest Catch is back! And if you're not watching this show, I highly recommend getting into it.  You don't need to know too much background about the captains and crews from previous seasons, but just in the first episode the action is already way intense.  Besides, you will quickly find out that there is nothing more thrilling than Mike Rowe's voice saying, "The vast Bering Sea...".  And each moment with Captain Phil is poignant because you know that you are watching the chronicles of his last months on the Bering Sea.

Worse Than War: Genocide, Eliminationism and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity3 - Speaking of good TV, the local PBS station here in DC has been showing some really interesting programming this week.  On Monday they showcased a program on the Holocaust in North Africa and Arabs that helped Jews to escape death (see yesterday's post, It's Complicated for more thoughts on this program).  Tuesday was a Frontline program on all the back room deals and politics of the recent health care bill that was passed.  Tonight was a program on genocide called "Worse Than War" about how genocide never comes as a surprise and always is driven by politics.  While this isn't the light, fluffy stuff (no Project Runway or Bachelor here) that I normally use to distract myself, but occasionally I have to remind myself that I need to continue learning about these important subjects - engage the side of my brain that got somewhat left behind in college :).

4 - I have more thoughts, but it's getting really late and they are all escaping me.

So apologies - just 3 real so-so thoughts for this Wednesday.  I promise to do better next week!  And everyone should watch Stephen Colbert's episode from tonight because it is amazing - I don't have any more thoughts because I have been laughing too hard at his brilliance.

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