Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thoughts for a Great Wednesday

The dark cloud over, or in, my head that was haunting me last week is gone, hooray!  Safely back on the other side of the doldrums, I can see clearly again and am more overwhelmed today by all the blessings surrounding me - blessings that I can usually see and appreciate - like the joyful noise of a chirping bird in the morning (seriously, this brings me such happiness on days that my mind isn't clouded), the appreciation of the beauty of a spring world awakening, a bright sun shining in the sky.  I often take for granted the many blessings that surround me - I don't see them.  But thankfully my eyes and ears have been opened.

So on to some thoughts for Wednesday....

1 - First, you have to watch this video.  It makes me so nervous just watching it - it's crazy...

2 -Second, no Lost this week, so y'all are spared my random musings....I know, I know, don't be so disappointed.  It's all good - it'll be back next week.  Then you will have to put up with my mourning after the show ends in about 4 weeks.  Tears spring to my eyes just thinking about it...

3 - I wonder what people used to do when they didn't have a way to get in touch with each other except through letters.  Explanation for that thought - Yesterday, I tried to get in touch with my brother.  I sent him two texts, a phone call, and even Facebooked him throughout the whole day, but heard nothing, at which point I started to get paranoid and immediately my head went to wondering if he's alive...has he been attacked? Did something happen to him in his apartment? Would his roommates check up on him?  Turns out he was fine - I got a Facebook message back from him, but I only got it the next morning when I turned my computer on (because I'm not like one of those cool kids who has a Facebook on their phone).  But how did people not go crazy when their brothers or sisters or kids or parents went off and were pioneers?  Did they just assume they would never see them again?  What is a brother or father was press-ganged into service in the British royal navy?  How did families survive in such uncertainty?  It definitely is a modern luxury that I take for granted, this instant accessibility of all my loved ones.

4 - There are some great and thoughtful articles permeating the interweb.  A few that I stumbled upon worth sharing...two thoughts from Donald Miller, one on confidence and faith and the other on successes and failures

This article is from the New York Times about the field of psychiatry and how many current psychiatrists are more quick to prescribe medication before actually listening to the problems of their clients - they only listen far and deep enough to diagnose a set of symptoms and then prescribe a set of drugs that will chemically alter the make up of their clients' brains, mixing and matching and medicating more if the symptoms don't resolve.  Hearing this admission from a doctor, a psychiatrist himself, really upsets me.  I don't have a problem with taking medications when they are truly needed to help a person.  But when it has been shown that a person listening to the patient can have the same effect as a pill, I ALWAYS want to have the option presented to me that is an alternative to drugs.  Anyway, it is an interesting article from an industry insider and well worth the time taken to read it.

Another interesting article that came out today on the evil of Powerpoint and its influence on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  I'll let Seth Godin take it from here.

And that is all for now because I realized that I ran out of time. Happy Wednesday!!

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