Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Moon Tonight

World, I am so excited and happy to spread this news...Some of my dear, dear, dear friends, Katie and Tommy Webster, have entered the world of blogging and I couldn't be more happy!!  I am personally so excited because I have encouraging/nagging them to enter the world of blogging because I believe that two such extremely wonderful and talented people should be out there spreading their ideas in the big wide world of the interweb.  They give so much of themselves to their communities and churches and are such beautiful lights in the world, that I am just so excited that other people will get to discover what I already know about them :).

Their little daughter Olive is a literal living miracle (and star of her own Hallmark card).  Tommy is a wonderfully gifted musician - which are such shallow words to describe his immense gift in music - as well as in possession of one of the most loving spirits that I know.  And Kat is not only one of the funniest people I know, but also an intentional and beautiful woman, who loves Christ and people unconditionally.  All three have such amazing gifts and, again, I can't wait to read their stories, antecedents, and ideas on life, love, and Christ.  Check them out at Good Moon Tonight!