Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Most Dramatic Rose Finale, EVER!

Sorry to the hordes of readers out there who are dying for my thoughts on the stimulus package, events in Pakistan, the Israeli-Palestinian elections, A-Rod's (or should I say, A-Roid's) juicing confession, and the Oscars. Last night, with the promise of the most dramatic After the Final Rose, the little show that is a staple of reality TV, The Bachelor, launched itself into realms of controversy unforeseen, that it has now topped the previous most dramatic moment of the show's history, Brad Womack's dumping (or duping) of his final two girls in the finale.

Now, to be completely honest, I have mostly followed this season through Entertainment Weekly's awesome recaps, written by Kristen Baldwin. The girl summarizes everything for me, with my exact thoughts in her commentary, only written in a much more hilarious way, that I didn't even need to watch the show. I also was following Chris Harrison's blog, who in and of himself is a pop culture phenom (I wish I had a job in which I clink wine glasses and say, "Ladies, Bachelor, The Final Rose..."). Futhermore, the said Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, was not a fav of mine during his stint on the season of The Bachelorette with DeAnna Pappas, so I wasn't that excited to watch him this season and didn't want to commit myself (Now, if it had been Graham, I might have tried to sign up for the show). However, I did know that DeAnna was to make an appearance on this season of The Bachelor, and as the recaps and weeks progressed, it became apparent that that moment would not happen until the finale, so I had to tune in for the last show (actually, DVR it - there's only so much filler one can take!!).

BUT, the thing that really got my interest was Chris Harrison promising in his blog a couple of weeks beforehand that something extreme would happen in the After The Final Rose, that was SO shocking and SO dramatic; that nothing of the sort had happened in Bachelor history before; that it shocked HIM. NOW that teaser was enough to start getting the comment boards popping over at EW.com! My fav theory was that one of the girls was preggers (kudos to T for coming up with that one) and it would serve all those "fantasy suite" dates right (real life=real consequences, ABC - let's try to come up with this twist next season!).

Well, the moment arrived last night. I watched, along with everyone else, the (actual) sweet proposal of Jason to Melissa, how happy they were, how happy she was, the ridiculous engagement ring, the jumping into the pool with really expensive clothes on, dragging little Ty into the pool with them. I saw DeAnna try to crawl back into Jason's arms and him have none of it (kudos to the producers for the first camera shot being her face seen through a security camera - that was hilarious!!). I watched with everyone else Molly warn Jason that he was making a mistake - a big mistake, and him almost throw himself over the balcony once he rejected her and put her in the limo. And then, after the final rose was accepted, the screen went right into the After The Final Rose - and the craziness started!

Jason totally did a 180 on Melissa, dumped her on national TV, and we watched the poor girl go through the shock of what he did to her, helplessly on the sidelines. Kudos to Mel for saying "Bastard" on television, and then proceeding to tell him to not call, text, email, or in any way shape or form, try to contact her again. Poor thing left thinking there was something wrong with her, when in reality, Jason just changed his mind, or rather, couldn't let the thought of the other girl (Molly) go. THEN Molly came out, proceeded to say how she wish Jason would call her or text her or something to let her know why she was K.O. in the finale and how she wish she could hear him say that he had made a mistake. Well girl, you must have a genie in your pocket (or Christina Aguilera playing Genie in a Bottle), because you got your wish!! Jason totally went from breaking the heart of one girl to re-choosing the girl he originally dumped. Say WHAT?? Oh it was so awesome, it was a work of Bachelor beauty. Kudos Chris Harrison - you were right - this was something that we have never actually seen on an episode of The Bachelor.

What has been fascinating though is how this turn of events has exploded across the internet and lit up the message boards everywhere!! This show is in its what, tenth, twelfth, thirteenth season? And it just became a pop culture phenom with last night's turn of events - who knew!? It really has shocked me, more than the turn of the events last night (which were just predictable, except with maybe that in six weeks Jason fell out of love with Melissa - ie, six weeks in the real world and they were toast).

That all being said, I totally cannot wait for tonight's edition of the After After The Final Rose - Jason gots some 'xplain to do!!

Oh this show. From Aaron to Trista to Firestone to Byron to Bob all the way to DeAnna - oh VH1, please bring the re-runs back! :) And Graham, wherever you are, you are still way hot.


blogging??? who came up with this said...

hands down, this is a fav post by you tags! I have to confess - I have despised the Bachelor and never watched until I found my self sucked into a half an episode a couple of weeks ago...it is CRAY ZAY!

blogging??? who came up with this said...

Hands down a fav post by you Tags! I have despised and never gave it a thought until a few weeks ago when I found myself momentarily fascinated and sucked it.....it is Cray Zay! but also slightly fascinating. ps- I love your love of Graham!