Monday, October 29, 2007

Grab some popcorn...

...because my life is a movie. I don't know when this happened but after I learned today that the love of my life from a couple of years ago, just came back from his honeymoon, I realized that this would make a great movie - in fact, I think that I have seen this particular scene in one of the many movies that I have watched. Coupled with the fact that everyone - and I mean everyone - around me is pregnant or just had new babies - I can't escape! Craziness. Complete craziness.

Yesterday I got to go down to Charlottesville and had an amazing time. I had the opportunity to go to my favorite church on this planet, Incarnation. It is just the most amazing Catholic church. The pastor, Father Gregory, has inspired this community of people and they truly are an outreach church, loving each other and those in the Charlottesville community. I have felt so lost since moving back to Warrenton and going to the churches around here, so it was the best feeling in the world to enjoy church and love going to Mass. I felt like I was at home. I will always remember being in church and standing in the back next to this kid, dressed all in black - kind of gothlike - who clearly did not want to have any part of being there. When it came time to give the sign of peace to each other, Father Gregory walked all the way from the front of the church, came to this kid, extended his hand, and looked him straight in the eye, and said "Peace be with you." That is the kind of display of love that stays with you for a lifetime. It is one of the examples that will always inspire me to reach out to others.

I learned many other things yesterday, which I'll talk about through the rest of the week, but I am still all caught up in the fact that my life is a movie (and because it is really late and I need to go to bed). I just think it's too funny and ironic. If anyone has any good ideas for a title of my life as a movie, please send them on. :)

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