Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Couple of Good Reads

When I stumble upon a great article or blog post that I think is really meaningful, I like to share it with the world.  Here are a few that I've recently run across that I felt like sharing...

First one is from Donald Miller and one of his blog posts, "Every Good Story Must Endure Conflict".  It's a great reminder that no where is "easy" promised to us in the Bible - just the promise that God will give us strength to overcome whatever obstacle we may be facing.  And I think I'll take that promise rather than "easy", because I believe that is where character and that elusive search for "who we are" is found.

Second is from Sara Hagerty over at her blog, Every Bitter Thing is Sweet.  I had the privilege to know Sara through Young Life in college and have followed her blog for the past couple of years and the journey that she and her husband Nate have gone through in adopting two children from Ethiopia.  She is an amazing writer, with a gift to communicate the immensity and magnificence of God through the written word, and her latest post, "Uncomfortable Extravagance" is a beautiful reminder of God's relentless love and answered prayers.

And the third comes from a blog that I just discovered today through Donald Miller's blog, called The Spiritual Klutz.  I like this guy, the way he writes, and the honesty and authenticity in which he writes.  Be sure to check it out.

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