Friday, January 29, 2010

4 More Days

The long wait is almost over.  While life has kept moving on and time marched onwards in its one way direction, at the same time, a missing element existed.  A gulf rent by a white screen that appeared in the final seconds of that fateful episode in May, has sat empty and barren, with only passing thoughts here and there to fill it.

But now, starting at 8pm (ok, really 9pm) this coming Tuesday, LOST returns to the small screen.

I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning, waiting with anticipation for Santa to come and run down the stairs to see the wonderment of gifts under the tree.  In an era characterized by instant gratification, this delay in finding out the answers (or probably in true Lost fashion, it'll probably be figuring out what the questions were that we should have been asking all along, without giving us answers) has been difficult to bear and only made possible by ignoring the endless questions that come from the mysteries that they have spun. 

I, for one, will be so happy once the mystery starts piecing itself together.  I am ready for the universe that the writers have kept expanding within each season (from the mystery of the Hatch, to the Hatch blowing up, to the Island being "found" and the introduction of flashforwards, to the Island "disappearing", to the White Screen of WHAT??!!) to be explained as well as it can be and for the mysteries to come to some sort of conclusion, whether I like it or not.  I sort of wish that the show was a book that I could race through to its end and find out how it all fits together!

4. More. Days.  Can't. Wait.

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Kristen Gardner Photography said...

Lauren! I hear you. I'm so excited!!