Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Lord of Lazy Susans

Scene: Lauren is packing her things up after another long day at work. She looks at her watch - 7:55pm. *Sigh* She makes her way downstairs, for the final office check-through to make sure that everything is locked up so that she can set the alarm. As she walks down the hall to go out to the warehouse to double-check that everything is turned off and locked up, she notices a light on in one of her coworker's office. As she makes her way over to turn off the light, she is surprised to find another coworker still there...

Me: "Oh! Hey D, I didn't know you were still here!"
D: "Yep, just finishing up on a few things for some customers."
(Lauren and D chat for a little bit...talking about the designs that she's working on, the customers that she's working with, how hard it can be to work with some people, the inane requests that come in...)
D: "Oh, let me tell you the story about this one guy about a week ago. This guy phones in. He is looking for one piece of a lazy susan that Cardell manufactures. I tell him that we might have one in the back warehouse, and to let me go check. So, I go in the back, and climb up a ladder to see if we have this piece, and lo and behold it is there. It is covered in dust, spiders, cobwebs - disgusting. But, we have the piece. So I call the guy back, and tell him that he is in luck, we do actually have this piece that he is looking for, and he can have it for free if he cleans it himself. He agrees. So I sit the piece up front, with his name on it, and expect that to be the last of the situation. Well, when the guy comes in, he asks to see me. I am, like "great, what does he need now? I don't have time to deal with this, grumble, grumble, grumble". But I go up and meet with him, and he asks me if he can speak to me in private."
Me: "What? Uh oh..."
D: "I know. I figure that he is going to try to sell me Amway - which is a pyramid scheme from back in the day. So, we go back to my office and I shut the door, and he starts crying!"
Me: "What!? Seriously??"
D: "Yes! He starts crying, and then he asks me if I am a Christian, and I say yes. He then tells me that he had been praying for two weeks for this lazy susan part, because he really needed it to sell his house and he didn't know what he was going to do, and that I must have been sent by God to answer his prayers!"
Me: "What!?" Looking up to the ceiling/heavens "Seriously, Lord?? Really, seriously?? I've been praying for a husband for two years, and this guy prays for a lazy susan for two weeks and gets it?? You've gotta be kidding me."

The Moral of the Story? Obviously, I should have prayed a little harder for the white chocolate creme brulee to be found last week at Girls' Night so that we could have all received a free dinner. And that the Yankees need to be in my prayers as well.

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Kristen Gardner Photography said...

Hmmm... good point. Pray a little harder next time; we all could have used the free dessert. :)