Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paging Tim Gunn

Those who know me, know that I love fashion. I love clothes, jewerly, purses, shoes, scarves, design - there are very few things that I don't love about it all. It's one of my favorite creative outlets. I love it for its art and how it is an art form in and of itself. That is why it pains me when I see fashion travesties out there in the great wide world. To caveat - I am sure I have committed my own travesties or oddities and I'm certainly no Stacy London, Clinton Kelly, or Tim Gunn. But there are three things that I believe no woman should ever deem to wear.

#1 - Rompers. The picture to the right says it all. Never, ever, ever should a woman ever put something like this on. And the fact that the picture above is from a well-known designer and sells for hundreds of dollars is a travesty beyond travesty in my opinion. There is just no body shape that this would ever look good on.

#2 - Jumpsuits. Unless you are an extra in Top Gun 2 - Goose Lives, no jumpsuits should ever be worn. Never, ever, ever, ever! My young eyes were scarred once by watching a woman squeeze herself into a tight, single-piece jumpsuit of denim material at Wet Seal and it is an image that will never leave me. The poor woman. And poor me! I remember when the jumpsuit arrived in the store, I wondered who would ever deem to put it on - I got my answer, for sure! So never, please never, go for the jumpsuit. Not even Beyonce can pull this look off.

#3 - Velour Track Suits. Jenny From the Block unfortunately brought these into the fashion world and I personally think they should never have come into it. Maybe - maybe - if you're just lounging around at home they are ok, but really. Let's be honest. How can anyone feel good about themselves wearing a velour track suit? And please note - I'm not knocking sweats - not in the least. I would much rather have someone wear their actual sweats than a track velour suit. Because when you are wearing sweats, you are declaring to the world, "I don't really care about what I look like right now, and I dare you to say anything about it" (which I admire and adhere to at times), whereas a velour track suit says "I wanted to try looking cute but deep down didn't really want to be cute so I decided to put this velveteen bunny suit on instead." Just wear jeans, please!

Those are my top three things I think no one should ever wear. What about you? Do you have anything that you think no one should ever put on? Been guilty of any of these? Post in the comments!

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Lauren said...

So my own mother owned up to loving jumpsuits and that she actually had one at one point in her life. I am mortified.