Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's December? Already?

I think I say this often, but I really am dumbfounded by the fact that it is already December. I also can't believe how long it has been since I posted something new, but with all that has been going on lately, it honestly has been on the bottom of my list.

Many new changes have come to my life - and if I ever get a moment to reflect back on this year, I think that that will be its theme. And more changes are on the horizon. In just about a week's time, I will be moving out to try living on my own and having my own place. It's very scary in a lot of ways but also really exciting.

Piling on top of my fears, is my fear for job security as my company continues to lay off more people, reduce salaries, and change the way that people are paid. I had thought that we had reached the bottom a while ago, but I was wrong. Each day is a new battle. My new favorite quote is "No rest for the weary". And yet, I still remain hopeful and optimistic about our survival. I don't know what it is about me, but I have this penchant to believe in the unbelievable and have a faith in the impossible - because I don't see it as impossible.

Yet though I believe in the impossible, I am beyond stressed, so much so that I have been having serious jaw pain issues - and ironically what I need to do is not stress about being stressed. I'm falling apart physically - my ankles are spazzing out, my jaw is locked, my back is one massive knot. But again, no rest for the weary.

And yet - Yet I am still attempting to see beauty and light in the midst of all this darkness - of the world, of the economy, of the future. I am so thankful for the holiday season - it redeems winter for me and allows me to see beauty in the bleakness of the cold and death that surrounds me.

That is all for now - I will try to get some more posts up later on about my thoughts on Baz Luhrman's Australia, lessons learned from the precious movie Pollyana, fashion travesties, and a few other musings that I have been kicking around lately.

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Josh said...

good to hear from you Lauren! seems like the time of year when things should slow down and allow more time for reflection is usually the opposite. hopefully we will all get to hang out some time...and i hope that you get a chance to slow down a bit in the coming weeks!