Wednesday, March 26, 2008

50/50 on my 2008 Predictions :)

I feel like I should turn into John McGaughlin or Bill O'Reilly now because 5 out of the 10 predictions I made have come true - and it's only March! :) This of course could be because they were pretty simple and obvious predictions...

The Five that have come True are...

1. The US Economy is in a recession - Energy prices and the credit crunch continue to spell doom, doom, DOOM on the NYSE and the housing market shows no signs of a recovery anytime soon. And as the dollar continues to drastically weaken and more and more companies are having to be bailed out by the Fed, the question is, where is the bottom, will the economy affect the election (of course), will Americans stop spending money they don't have (no), and will the globalization of the marketplace be the undoing of the affluence of America? I think there are a lot of hard times ahead and people are going to be caught unawares and wake up one morning and the way of life that they have become accustomed to will be gone - kind of like the Biblical famines of old when people were constantly put on the brink of destruction because of crop failures or locust plagues - we need a Joseph who will help us save and put away stores of crops to protect us against the coming famine.

2. The Giants will win the Super Bowl - Turns out they did win the Super Bowl and in the most dramatic of fashions - that was a game to be remembered for the ages.

3. The Bright color trend in clothing will continue - I think I was more than dead-on this one since every single magazine is splashed with pages and pages of bold colors.

4. Into the Wild won't win the Best Picture Oscar - and unfortunately it didn't. But I still think it was the best movie of the 2007 season. I haven't seen "No Country for Old Men", but I don't really want to see a movie about a ruthless serial killer relentlessly pursuing some guy who stole a bunch of drugs from a drug deal gone awry.

5. Signature WoodCrafters, Signature Companies' new consumer-direct business venture will be successful - Luckily, I was correct with this prediction, and thank goodness! To date we have generated great lead responses, which is incredible. Here's hoping that the next three months will bring just as many, if not more, lead responses for our business!

And here's another prediction for 2008 - I unfortunately will not win my company's March Madness pool - dang Duke, Georgetown, and Pittsburgh. Here's hoping that Davidson pulls off two more upsets and makes it into the Final Four - that would be awesome.


Josh said...

boo Duke...go UNC!!!! (although they did hurt me in my pool, being the UNC fan that I am, even if i end up losing the pool because of Duke, which right now i'm in first place, it is well worth it as long as Duke goes out earlier in the tourney than UNC.

did you have G-town, Duke, and Pitt in your final four? if so, sorry! and, it i'm with you, it would be cool if Davidson won a couple more games...

i hope you are well!

Lauren said...

I have UNC, Texas, UCLA, and Georgetown going to the Final Four, with UNC playing UCLA and winning.

I have .06% chance of winning my company pool according to the software thing that we run it on!! :) Oh well - that's March Madness for ya!

Seth said...

"I feel like I should turn into John McGaughlin or Bill O'Reilly now"

I for one look forward to the day when this blog is just you shouting at Josh for the way his liberal views are destroying America.