Friday, September 14, 2007

Technology Gripes and About this Blog.

I can really hate technology sometimes. Especially when after spending an hour entering in a bunch of numbers into a program, you hit the "Save" button and it gives you a run-time error. So frustrating!

BUT - there are many benefits to technology. It has on many occasions saved me in a pinch, or helped me figure out an impossible task. I do love it more than I hate it in the end. Still - run-time errors are no fun.

A little note about the title of this blog:
When Blogger asked me what I wanted to entitle this blog, I was all of the sudden blown away by the dearth of possibilities available to me. I could name this blog absolutely ANYTHING. What word, phrase, quote, or silly combination of words would perfectly capture the essence of a blog - something that I know very little about - as well as myself?

As I was pondering through this quandary the thought suddenly came to me to name this "The Road Goes Ever On". Two reasons for this name: 1 - I was in the process of just finishing the book, The Fellowship of the Ring, and there is a poem in there about setting out on an adventure, a journey, and life at the beginning that I have always loved. 2 - Because I am firm believer in the theme of journeys and believe that this life we have is one, big, long journey with many twists and turns. No matter what kind of path you walk - smooth or rocky - there will be happenings along the Road that are unforeseen. And there are points along the Road in which you can choose a new path. And I feel that I am on the brink of that point right now. The Path has all of the sudden become wide open again, and I am allowing myself to explore some of its possibilities.

This blog will serve as a collection of random thoughts about the journey, as well as a place for quotes, antecedents, Bible verses, and general stream of consciousness. Should be fun!

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