Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Post 4

As the title implies, this is my fourth post on my blog, and I have to say that the experience so far has been fun. I enjoy technology and learning new things, and this has been so simple to use and try out. The hardest part is coming up with content for the blog!

Some random musings for today:

1 - I love language - beautiful language. I was watching a documentary on Winston Churchill tonight, and his use of language and ability to turn a phrase, made me yearn for that power. I wish I had a better grasp on vocabulary and could use it to its full effect. There is so much power in words and just a short while ago it seems that most of the public had a command of them - which is something you don't see today. To be able to string together words so that they evoke powerful emotions and knowledge at the same time - such is a gift that I wish I had.

2 - I love classical music. And there are so many performances coming to the DC area that I want to go see! Yo Yo Ma, Lang Lang, Joshua Bell, Itzakh Perlman! The arts delight and fill a part of my soul. Again, I wish I understood it more and could appreciate the music even more - but there is also something to be said about experiencing a piece of classical music in naivete. Then it is all about the experience and the orchestration of the art.

3 - I was thinking about the path and journey that I have been on so far and how some parts have turned out radically different than I thought that they were going to. And I also was thinking about some of the journeys that my friends are on and how they have ended up on completely different paths than what they thought. And yet, we are all in the exact place that God wants us to be in.

4 - I also was thinking about how I love thinking broadly - the big picture, no matter what it is, is what excites me. I love seeing how things all come together. I guess I need to progress to the point in where that once I understand the big picture, I can also look at the different parts and see where changes need to be made and what parts aren't working. And in the Winston Churchill documentary I realized for the first time how narrowly focused Roosevelt's worldview was and how because of that, we have ended up in the position we are in in the world today. I had never seen that thread before, but the groundwork was laid all the way back then! And that is why history fascinates me - because of the way that events back then can be linked to events today.

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