Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Now Know Why Antiques Roadshow Airs Late At Night

Antiques Roadshow is a show constantly flabbergasts me because I will never understand how these innocuous things, like a piece of sand art, can be worth $4k.  That is just ludicrous to me and I guess the ludricousity to the general public is what makes the show appealing to the wider PBS audience.

But imagine, if you will, you are innocently watching this program, because the show you were watching prior to this finished up and you haven't had the chance (read - are too lazy) to change the channel yet. So you're sitting there, watching a piece of sand art be valued for $4k. And while you are marveling at the ridiculousness of that, it suddenly switches to a story about a chair that co-joined twins used.  And you think that that is kind of an odd story, so you start to pay a little bit more attention.  But then something wild is said, so wild you have to rewind the program to make sure you heard correctly.  The two appraisers relay this story about Chang and Eng, the co-joined twins, and yada yada yada, something something something, "...and they had 21 children, and would you look at the turnings on this chair, wonderfully preserved..."



21 Children??

Co-joined twins?

How did that one work??

And I thought Antiques Roadshow was supposed to family friendly!!!

The chair, by the way, was valued in between $10k-$12k.  In case you were wondering what a specially made chair for co-joined twins would go for.

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