Saturday, May 28, 2011

Find Matt Hill

To those who read this blog and live in the NOVA/DC/Maryland Metro area, I wanted to pass along this prayer request and website.  A person that I knew, Matt Hill, from my Fauquier Gator days has gone missing - he was a youth worker at a DC church, Capitol Hill Baptist, and has been missing since this past Tuesday morning.  Please pray that he will be found, intact, in one piece and that no foul harm has come to him.  He was last seen driving a black 1996 Honda Civic LX with DC license plates.  Anything that you could do to help spread the word to find him would be much appreciated.

This is a Facebook page that has been created to help spread information about the search for him.  And this is a Twitter page with information as well about the search.  And this is a link with a news story about Matt from Fox 5.  A video is posted below.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Matt and his family.

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