Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Post 100

This is my 100th posting on this blog experiment that I started a year and half ago. I find it kind of crazy that I am writing my 100th post. I also have been hesitating to write this post for over a week because I feel as if it should be some kind of momentous thing, like the 100th episode of a TV show or something. But the reality is, this is just another post - post 100 will come and go and life will go on and I will continue writing or posting videos about things that I find interesting in the world.

I think that when you reach any kind of milestone, you take a moment to reflect back on where you have come from, where you are now, and where you think you should be going. It's kind of serendipitous that I am reaching my 100th blog post and my 27th birthday at virtually the same time, give or take a couple of days. I look at my life and wonder, how did I get to be 27 already? How did time fly by so quickly? I also never imagined that I would be where I am at 27; where I am at my 100th blog post.

I had the most amazing opportunity to get to spend time with my dearest and bestest friends in the world this past weekend, and we talked a lot about our lives and how five years ago when we left college, we did not picture having the lives that we all have. Yet, as I look back over the past five years of my life, there is not much that I would change - at all. The past and the things that have or have not happened have shaped me into the person I am, and I like her for the most part. I will always be in process, but at this point in time, I can say that I am content for the most part, and I am grateful for that.

And I am content with this blog. It has given me the opportunity to explore a portion of the world wide web that I never knew about and it has given me a new base of knowledge of techie stuff, which the nerd in me loves. It has also been great getting to dabble in html code, learn how to embed videos, what a "widget" is and how to post it to my blog, how to sort of use RSS feed. It has been both a creative and analytical outlet and opened up a new door of learning to me. It has also allowed me the ability to process through different world, political, religious, and economic events in new kind of forum - a forum that has been lacking since I left college. I am grateful for the way that blogging forces me to actually think and process through my thoughts before committing them to the scrutiny of the world wide web.

So all in all, this is my 100th blog post. I never thought I would get this far with this experiment, but I am glad that I have. And I am content with it and with my life at this point in time. I feel filled with expectation that something is on the horizon, yet again, and life is about to dip into an uncontrollable spiral. So I am glad to have an outlet such as this blog to digest it all. The journey is continuing onward; the road goes ever on.


Kristen Gardner Photography said...

Hooray! Keep the posts comin'! Can't wait to see you tonight.

Josh said...

i'm in agreement with Kristen...keep the posts coming! it's a lot of fun to read, and without this blog I might not have known that you are a hip-hop fan. I throw in my Hooray too!

Lauren said...

Oh, I am totally a hip-hop fan :) Thanks for the notes!