Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More Thoughts for a Wednesday

1 - Lost is the best mystery show on television. The acting, the stories, it's all amazing. One hour to go! Cannot flippin' wait.

2 - America's Best Dance Crew might be my all-time favorite TV show. I could watch the re-runs forever. The crews are just amazing, the dancing is out of this world, Mario Lopez is hilarious (and has had to have some plastic surgery) and actually a good reality TV host, JC Chavez has found a great second career, Lil' Mama is hilarious, and Shane Sparks is the shiznit. If you don't know, you don't know.

3 - Shoveling snow is not fun. Shoveling ice is less fun than shoveling snow. Yesterday and today's shoveling was like pushing on the end of a rope - an exercise in futility. The only redeeming quality that winter holds for me is the fact that my birthday is in February but even that is not much of a redeeming quality anymore. At least this is the last week of January!

4 - Cardinals v. Steelers - couldn't ask for a better Super Bowl. Kurt Warner or Troy the American Samoan with the long last name and hair for MVP! And while there ultimately will be a "winner", I truly believe that this is one of those games in which both teams are already a winner just for making it to the Super Bowl.

5 - The Dark Knight was robbed! I totally believe that it was a MUCH better movie than The Curious Case of the Benjamin Button. CCBB was a good movie, but there were plot holes all throughout the movie and how it could beat an amazingly acted, directed, and written movie like The Dark Knight shows how truly out of touch the Hollywood elite are with the public. At the very least, hopefully they will award Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar for his amazing performance.

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